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Cup of Joe? NO!

Cup of Joe? NO!

????????????????????????Understanding that every Sister’s trigger is different, coffee is a BIG no no for me. Caffeine is an IBS trigger, and mix the acid of coffee in there, and you will have your tummy rumbling in no time. I thought that since I had IBS-C this would be a perfect morning drink for me, because of coffee’s laxative effects, but it can irritate your gut just the same.

An alternative to coffee would be green tea. Although it has caffeine as well, it has about half of the milligrams. It also has a lot of healing effects, which could be easier on your gut than coffee.

If no caffeine can be tolerated, peppermint and fennel tea are really good for bloating and gas. Chamomile tea is also excellent for relieving stress, something all Sister’s need to do! If you are following a low FODMAP diet, you would want to avoid chamomile & fennel teas. The best low FODMAP options would be green, black, white, and peppermint teas. Add a splash of your favorite milk and some stevia, and feel less deprived from the creme de la creme of hot breakfast drinks, coffee!

If you do choose the no caffeine route, make sure you are getting energy from whole foods in your breakfast, such as the Green Goddess Smoothie (leaving out the optionalΒ green tea) in the recipes section! This will sure to have you alert and ready to take on the day!

It took me a long time to actually give up coffee and stick with it. On the bright side, think of how much money you’ll save on your weekly Starbuck’s run!

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