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Exercise for an IBS Sister

Exercise for an IBS Sister

Getting motivated to go to the gym when you have to put on your tight clothes that show your balloon belly, in addition to having no energy due to the stress on your tummy, can be, well, exhausting.


Get motivated by music! It’s amazing how playing your favorite song can up your mood. If I get home from work and am feeling exceptionally sluggish, I throw on my favorite tunes and see how I feel after. I usually end up talking myself into going to the gym! Continue to listen to music while working out too, it keeps your mind off of your symptoms.

Eat a little pre-workout snack. If your feeling sluggish around five o’clock, it may be because you need a little energy boost from an exhausting day! Try a smoothie with berries, milk of choice, spinach, and stevia.

Try to work out in the mornings. Sisters usually feel better in the mornings, sadly, before they eat. If you think that you’ll be more likely to hit the gym when you feel better in the morning, try working on getting up earlier. Think of all the time you’ll have to relax after work! There are many tips & tricks for getting up and going to the gym in the mornings:

  1. Lay your clothes out the night before.
  2. Set you alarm and have the alarm on the other side of the room.
  3. Let in natural light.
  4. Reward yourself for sticking to your routine.
  5. Have a workout buddy. You’re more likely to hit the gym if you have someone else going that’s counting on you!

Stay Hydrated. IBS Sisters need to stay hydrated, whether you are a C or D sister. Keep track in your food diary how much water you are drinking to make sure you are getting enough. Make sure you get at least 64 oz. per day. Tips to drinking more water are infusing water with your favorite flavors [cucumber & strawberry] [orange & blueberry] [lemon & basil] or any other low FODMAP options you can think of! Also, make sure to have a bottle for water with you at all times. Drink water at restaurants, it’s free!

The Sauna. Heat is a muscle relaxant, and great therapy for IBS! The heat can relax your insides as well as prevent stress from happening in the first place if used regularly. This is why heat wraps and hot baths work for IBS symptoms as well.

Best Workouts. Any exercise that gets you moving is better than sitting still when taking IBS into consideration. The two best exercises for an IBS sister are yoga and walking. These are relaxing as well as get your GI tract moving. Just make sure your yoga pants aren’t too tight in your mid section!

Protein. If you love protein shakes but your tummy can’t tolerate whey protein, there are other options such as rice, soy, hemp, etc. I recommend mixing these powders with your milk of choice because they are not as flavorful as whey, and can taste bad when mixed with water. You can also make your own post workout protein using egg whites in a smoothie, or just eating them by themselves post workout.

At home workouts. If you just don’t like feel like leaving the house, or you want to save money by skimping on that gym membership, there are plenty of options for at home workouts. Check our Pinterest page for at home exercises that are good for your tummy! There are also tons of free videos on YouTube with guided workouts. A walk after dinner would also be a great option for exercise, and get your tummy moving before you lay down for bed. If you don’t feel like putting on your workout drab, or releasing all of that trapped gas in yoga class, get your workout on at home!

Self Motivate! “I can do this!” “My body is worth it!” “I know I’ll feel better after I go!” “It’s only an hour!” “This is time for me to relax!” Self talk yourself into working out! It’s not always easy, but put a smile on, look yourself in the mirror, and repeat the quotations above! This is also a subject where it’s easier if you have someone else to go with you, they can get you in the gym even when you don’t feel good! IBS is life changing, but it doesn’t have to take over our lives!

What steps do you take to make sure you are exercising/going to the gym?

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