Cooking for You & the Non-IBSsister

Cooking for You & the Non-IBSsister

Have you ever ran across a recipe you loved, but decided not to cook it because your family could eat it, but you couldn’t? This happens to me ALL the time! I decided that my family, nor I, should be deprived of our favorite foods because of my IBS. That’s why I decided to start getting creative, & try recipe altering!

Last night, I made my husband & I meatloaf. The recipe called for onions, garlic, cheese, and breadcrumbs, but, while I’m trying to eat gluten free, dairy free, AND low-FODMAP, this would usually be a recipe I would put to the side. Instead, I decided to attempt to cook for the IBS Sister & Non-IBS Sister, all in one dish.


As you can see, I used a little wall of aluminum foil from “contaminating” my IBS Friendly side (Funny that the ratio in this picture also depicts how much bed room I get!) When you check out this dish in the recipe section, you may be wondering why I decided to not use tomato sauce on “my side”. The sauce we had at home contained onions and garlic, & most of them do! And considering I have a loving relationship with ketchup, I obviously wasn’t too upset. I substituted the sauce along with oatmeal for breadcrumbs (gluten), & left out cheese (dairy), onions and garlic (high FODMAP) on my side. If egg yolks give you issues, there is an egg white option as well.

Cooking for you & your IBS-free family (lucky dogs) can be challenging, but as you have seen here, it’s not impossible! It’s actually kind of fun to see how creative you can get with your dishes!

Is there a family favorite that you make IBS Sister & non-IBSer friendly? Try this Friend, Family, & IBS Sister Friendly Meatloaf, located in the recipe section, & let us know what you think!


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