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IBS & Acne

IBS & Acne

If having IBS wasn’t already bad enough for a Sister, the acne that accompanies IBS can be quite frustrating as well. I was fortunate to hardly ever have blemishes during my teen years, but, now at the age of 25, I have more acne than ever! I take care of my face way more than I did as a young girl, so what’s the deal? Facial acne tells a story about what’s going on internally. Take a look at the facial acne map below. Do you get blemishes where is says stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and hormonal? I know that I do! I was actually amazed when I learned that my IBS was rearing it’s ugly head on my face.

Facial Acne Map
Facial Acne Map

So, now that we know where our unwanted acne may be coming from, what can we do to banish the blemishes?

1. Watch what you eat. Eat foods high in zinc such as chicken, lean beef,and fortified breakfast cereals. Eat carrots, spinach, kale, cantaloupe, and instant fortified oatmeal, which all contain vitamin A. Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, ground flax seed (in your smoothies!), and tuna are also good choices. Lastly, whole grains such as oats, brown rice, and quiona can also help unwanted acne disappear. Limit gluten, dairy, processed foods, and alcohol, which a Sister has to do already, so we’re doing it right!

2. Manage Stress. Stress is inevitable with IBS, and every day life has enough stress as it is at times. The main thing a Sister needs to do, is learn how to manage her stress. Stress alone can cause acne, so you don’t want the vicious cycle of mental, bodily, and acne stress, stressing you out! This is something that I constantly have to work on myself. I get stressed out because my stomach hurts, then, the acne comes and I get stressed about that. Before you know it, I’m a big stress ball going in circles. Yoga, heat therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, working out are all good options. However you relax, just make sure you’re doing it! Your stomach and complexion will thank you!

3. Don’t Touch. This is something that I’m preaching to the choir about. When I see a pimple arise, the first thing I want to do is pop it! While sometimes if the pimple has a whitehead this may be okay, messing with your blemishes and touching your face can lead to more acne, and popping and picking can leave to scarring. My dermatologist informed me that If a pimple has a whitehead, you can use a lancet to extract the infection, just make sure your pushing it out from the bottom up once you prick the skin. Use Q-tips on each side to clean up the infection so it doesn’t spread. Then, leave it alone! It needs times to heal.

4. Don’t cake on the makeup. Put on your foundation, and if you can still see the stubborn blemish, then cover with a SMALL amount of concealer with a concealer brush. If your concealer doesn’t match perfectly, just make sure it’s a little lighter, not darker. Don’t over do it on product because it will just draw more attention to the spot. Same goes for bronzer and powder. Just keep it normal, and remember less is more!

5. Keep a skin regimen. As I touched on a little before, I used to be able to go to sleep without taking off my makeup, and not have any skin problems. We used to get away with a lot more as kids, huh? Now that I’m older, I make sure I take off my make up every night with a cleanser, followed by a regimen of toner, spot treatment, and moisturizer. If you have dry skin, you can wash your face at night with a cleanser, but just rinse it off in the morning with water in the sink or shower, so not to dry out your skin. Exfoliating is also a good way to remove dead skin cells, but just like anything else a Sister does, don’t over do it (three times a week should be enough. Using a washcloth in small circular motions can also be enough to removed dead skin cells). Also, wear sunscreen! With increasing blemishes with IBS, the more post acne marks I’ve had. I make sure I wear sunscreen every day so these spots do not get darker. And of course, this prevents wrinkles and sun spots, which all Sister’s want to steer clear of. I use a BB cream by itself or under my foundation. It not only gives me SPF, it also provides a little extra coverage and moisturizes. I like the Covergirl BB cream the best, which is great because it has SPF 30, is inexpensive and lasts me a long time. 

I understand IBS Sisters are in the Doctor’s office a lot at times, so I hope these steps will keep you out of the dermatologist office! Happy Complexion!

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  • C-La says:

    I get double whammied with acne from a hormonal imbalance plus IBS. It sucks! I know when I’ve eaten dairy and bad foods because I wake up with pizza face. Eek. Being 30 I thought I was past this.

    Love the pointers! I needed the refresher.

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