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Co-Co for Coconuts!

Co-Co for Coconuts!

I’m a predominant IBS-Constipation Sister, & I am someone who has tried EVERYTHING. I was on to something before I made a trip to the gastroenterologist, and that something was coconut oil. I started adding it to my morning shakes because I heard it helped with energy. To my surprise, it made my stomach feel better! I started with a tablespoon in the morning, and then eventually added a tablespoon before bed. My constipation had gotten better! The balloon in my pants deflated, and my energy was coming back. Could I have found the answer?

Shortly after discovering coconut oil, I visited the gastro doc & was prescribed a tablespoon of Miralax & a high fiber diet. I already got plenty of fiber in my diet, so I was trying to be optimistic of the Miralax, & mixed it in my tea every morning. Considering I had just done a colonoscopy prep (cleansing out all waste from your body), the Miralax worked for awhile. I would say about three weeks later, I started to notice the balloon in my pants blow back up, & bowel movements were becoming less frequent. I still had gas, bloating, & abdominal pain, so I decided to stop taking the Miralax.

After all the time that went by & listening to the doctor, I unfortunately forgot how good coconut oil had been to me. I wasn’t using coconut oil or Miralax for about a month, & boy did I suffer. I wised up and remembered the coconut oil remedy about two weeks ago, & my symptoms have decreased dramatically! I take a tablespoon of coconut oil at night, and have a bowel movement every morning. My bloating has decreased dramatically, and gas has subsided! I still have stomach rumbling and a little pooch of a bloat, but I can actually wear my clothes without looking 6 months pregnant. I’m going to step it up to two tablespoons this week. You can cook with coconut oil, it’s delicious! Or take it alone (solid or liquified), mix it in shakes or smoothies, or in your tea!

Coconut Oil contains 48-50% lauric acid, a fat that’s only other legitimite source is a mother’s breast milk. Our saliva breaks down the lauric acid and makes monolaurin. Monolaurin is an anti-microbial that kills bacteria and viruses. The good news is this anti-microbial works on IBS-Diarrhea, too! Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids which promote the breeding of good bacteria in our intestine. This helps with proper absorption of food nutrients and keep bad-gut bacteria in check. Something all Sisters need!

Coconut meat, milk, flakes, and water are also good to add to your diet, but the oil is the most concentrated and easiest way to get the proper amount for the IBS benefits. Added bonus, coconut is low-FODMAP! Coconut water is great anytime for a Sister to stay hydrated with added nutrients, and to added electrolytes for the IBS-D Sister.

I purchase the Spectrum brand organic refined coconut oil from Harris Teeter for $10.00. Vita Cost online has it for $7.86, and all health stores & most grocery stores should have it.


Has anyone else had success with coconut oil? I love a natural treatment, & hope this works for you, too! Give it a try & let us know what you think!

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