FALL! Fall for Winter Squash this season!

FALL! Fall for Winter Squash this season!

In just over an hour, Fall will be officially here. Hocus Pocus is on TV tonight, I’m typing this post by pumpkin scented candlelight, & you have probably seen winter squashes at the grocery store alongside the pumpkins. Luckily for us IBS Sisters, squash is great to eat considering it’s low-FODMAP, filling & delicious! Along with squash’s low-FODsister pumpkin, we get to join in all the Fall Fun!


Pictured above is an acorn squash, but you can use the following recipe with butternut, spaghetti, or any type of winter squash!

1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Cut the squash in half & lay flesh side down in a shallow baking pan.

3. Bake for 30 mins., until tender.

4. Turn flesh side up. Here is where you can get creative! The original recipe says to season with salt and pepper, dot with butter, sprinkle with brown sugar & cinnamon. I used about a teaspoon of coconut butter on each half & sprinkled with a little brown sugar. You could even use coconut oil, stevia/brown sugar mix! It doesn’t take much in my opinion.

5. After you’ve topped off your squash, bake for an additional 20 mins.

This warm, sweet & savory dish will be sure to get you in the Fall spirit! Slice & Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Winter squash is actually a fruit, & they are actually grown in the summer! It’s okay, I felt betrayed too. They have seeds, so botanically they are a fruit, but they are cooked as vegetables. They are called winter squash because they can be stored for use during the winter. Unlike summer squash, they are eaten in the mature fruit stage, when the seeds have matured fully & the skin is hardened into a tough rind. Thanks for always schoolin’ me, Wikipedia!

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