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The Tipsy IBS Sister

We all have heard that alcohol is an IBS trigger, but if you’re like me, it’s hard to resist having a few drinks with friends, especially after a long week of work on Friday afternoon, at a tailgate Saturday, or brunch on Sunday. The good thing about drinking during the weekend is that IBS Sisters are less stressed during this time, so the chances that it will trigger an attack are lesser. Cheers to that! Sisters still need to play it safe while catching a buzz. Find out the best & worse alcoholic beverages for an IBS Sister below! Also, remember that everyone’s system is different. Alcohol may not be a trigger for you, but the ingredients in the mixed drink may be. Use trial & error to test out which adult beverage you can indulge in.


Skinny Margarita

For an IBS Sister, if you are craving a margarita, you would be better off making it yourself. The margarita pictured above is made with water, fresh squeezed lime & lemon, a splash of OJ, one packet of Skinny Girl Stevia, and of course, tequila. It’s also really good to add banana to a batch with ice to make these frozen! I call this the “Skinny Margarita” because it contains less calories than a restaurant margarita that can contain up to 750 calories, more than your meal! But I drink this mostly because I don’t risk of consuming all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup that could wreak havoc on my digestive system, or my waistline!



Champagne is another personal favorite, right up there with margaritas. There’s something about champagne during a morning brunch that I can’t resist. When drinking champagne, I add a splash of OJ for a little mimosa, but try not to go over the FODMAP level of 100 ml. The only problem that a Sister may face with champagne is the bubbles that may lead to bloating, but other than that, this is a light beverage that is low in calories and not to mention, delicious!



Beer is a sensitive subject for me. I didn’t like beer until right before I couldn’t drink it anymore! I spent so much money in college on free draft night buying diet coke & rums, and didn’t like beer until I was 21, just one year before I was diagnosed with IBS. It’s especially hard for me during the cooler months because I’m a sucker for Oktoberfest beers and pumpkin beers. I still drink it sometimes when I can’t resist, sometimes I just don’t want liquor, and want a cheap social drink. I do pay for it sometimes, with the carbonation and gluten. I’ve tried a few gluten-free beers but haven’t found any I really like. Beer does bloat me up, so good thing I like it mostly during the winter months so I can cover up my balloon belly with an over-sized sweater, lol!




I’ve heard mixed reviews about wine and IBS. Some say white is better, some say red is better. I would think that the sweeter the wine the more problems it may give you, but with like everything and IBS, we’re all different! I have one glass of both kinds occasionally. They do say just one glass of wine or one beer is low-FODMAP! What kind of fermented grapes does the best on your stomach? I’m interested to know!



Just like it’s acronym suggests, a Long Island Ice Tea will get you LIT! These are very good, but I would steer clear. These contain Coca Cola and sweet and sour mix, therefore they scream High Fructose corn syrup and carbonation.



Hard Ciders are a perfect Fall beverage! I don’t have much experience with them, but this one claims that it’s gluten free. I would say these you would also have to worry about carbonation and I know the Woodchuck type of ciders are very high in sugar. Steer clear of ciders that say they are “light”, which usually means artificial sweeteners! If you are going to drink alcohol, don’t double up on the offenses if you can help it.



Saki is delicious and is a rice wine. It contains more calories than regular wine, but I’ve never experienced it messing up my stomach, other than it being alcohol. Be careful of the apple and other fruit flavored Saki’s  if you follow a low-FODMAP diet. Also, don’t drink it too hot or you may trigger an attack!



The best drink for an IBS Sister would probably be vodka/water/lime. But if you’re an IBS Sister like me that actually drinks for taste (unlike my husband lol), it’s hard to stick to this drink all the time. It can also get expensive ordering a decent vodka out in restaurants if you’re indulging in more than one drink. Drinking the water with the alcohol will keep you from getting dehydrated and vodka itself is pretty easy on the stomach for most. Martini’s should be okay if you steer clear of juices that may contain high fructose corn syrup, or anything that is not low-FODMAP. These are mostly vodka, especially if you like them dirty! 😉 Bloody Mary’s are a good option too if you prefer those at brunch, but make sure the mix doesn’t contain HFCS. I love the Zing-Zang brand, but it has HFCS. Look into making your own mix!

As an IBS Sister, how do you get tipsy?

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