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Being born and raised in North Carolina, I have attendedΒ my fair share of State Fairs. The North Carolina State Fair starts this Friday, so I figured a Fair post was due! Turkey legs, sausages, ice cream, funnel cakes, bloomin’ onions, oh man! Is your stomach gurgling at the thought? As I’ve gotten older, they’ve even deep fried more and more things. I heard this year they’re deep frying BBQ, and last year it wasΒ Kool Aid. The word “fried” in general makes me cringe being an IBS Sister, and when you’re deep frying things I can’t eat anyway such as candy bars, I’d be doing myself a favor by staying far, far away.

Turkey Leg, 1,130 calories

Last year I got smart and skipped the festivities, but the two years before that when I was just finding out that I had IBS and how to deal with it, I just couldn’t stay away. I’m all about “YOLO” (You Only Live Once, Mom ;)) , and doing things regardless of having IBS and being an IBS Sister that experiences life! But take it from someone who has experienced it before, and I’ll tell you, the fair is just not worth it. I have sworn it off until I have kids that want to go eat deep fried everything and actually ride the rides. At least if you ride rides your heart rate will go up and maybe you’ll burn off 1/100 of that turkey leg! But really, let’s look at how being an IBS Sister and not being able to overindulge at the fair, really isn’t all that unFAIR.


Last time I was at the fair, I kid you not, a family of five was in the parking lot, clanked their shot glasses together in preparation for a good time! Unfortunately, I’m not talking about shots of liquor. This family literally was taking shots of Pepto Bismol before going into the fair to coat their tummies in hopes they wouldn’t have a episode in the totally unsanitary porta potty. Being an IBS Sister, that’s like a worst nightmare. And if these normal folks are outside taking medicine to prepare their stomaches, I should have turned around immediately!

But let’s get one thing straight. I’m not knockin’ fair food, it is utterly delicious. I’m not trying to pretend that I don’t like everything fried and heart attack’s on a stick, all I’m saying is, it’s not worth it. For you Sister’s that need to see things laid out like me, let’s take a look.

1 Bottle of Pepto Bismol: $6.00

Parking: $20.00

Turkey Leg: $12.00

Wisconsin Fried Cheese: $8.00

Corndog: $5.00

Ham Biscuit: $5.00

Bottled Water x 2: $8.00

Homemade Ice Cream: $6.00

Funnel Cake: $10.00

Bloomin’ Onion: $10.00

Sausage: $8.00

Deep Fried Oreos: $8.00

Stomach ache for a week: NOT WORTH IT!


You catch my drift. This is a menu of about what my husband and I got one year. Granted he is a 6’2″ 230 lb. man, STILL! That’s really not THAT many items, and that’s over $150.00 for your trip to the fair. That’s if it’s just you and someone else, no kids, and NO rides.

There are plenty enough articles out there on how bad Fair food is for your waist line and heart, so we will just leave that out and consider it understood. But here is what my husband and I have decided. Instead of being tempted by the smells of the fair and the calories and saturated fats and IBS offensive foods, we are going to take our $150 and go to our favorite steak house! We can get a prime rib with two sides, a filet mignon with two sides, dessert, and wine, and tip, for $125.00. We think of it as kind of treating ourselves for treating our bodies well by not eating all this stuff we know will make us sick! We are still indulging, but nothing like the fair. Not to mention the remorse the day (or immediately) after about how bad these foods are for your diet!


So, in conclusion, is it really unFAIR that us IBS Sisters can’t overindulge at the Fair? Or are we really lucky? This is one time I feel lucky that I have an excuse to NOT eat this calorie ridden, IBS offensive food! I will warn you though, don’t think you can go to the fair and resist all the delicious aromas. If I were to go, I know that I would have to eat! So if you can, try to steer clear of the fair this year. Your tummy will thank you!

Baird, Will you accompany me to an Angus Barn Steakhouse dinner on Sunday, October 19th, our 6 month Wedding Anniversary? Please leave your response in the comments! πŸ™‚ x0x0


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