2014 November

Ginger… The Red-Headed…QUEEN!

Ginger has been known for it’s healing properties for many centuries, and it has been proven as an effective way to deal with constipation. This funky, finger looking root,¬†contains chemicals that stimulate your digestive tract, and increase peristalsis (muscle contractions) to move food through your intestines. This is a super food for IBS, and there are many ways to add it to your diet!


Sushi– Did you know the pickled ginger on the side of your sushi boat is actually beneficial for your IBS? This is pickled ginger, and is shown to be just as effective. Fun fact, the ginger is served with your sushi to eat a bite between each bite of sushi, to clean/prepare your pallet for the new tastes.


Candied Ginger– Candied ginger is really good! It is a way to curb your sweet tooth, as well as getting beneficial IBS effects! You can buy this or make your own! I’ve added the recipe to the recipe section! WARNING: It has a bite!


Ginger tea- Ginger tea is very soothing. I like ginger peach tea a lot. You can buy fresh ginger, and make your own tea as well! Republic-of-Tea-Ginger-Peach-Front-copy

Cooking with Ginger- There are many ways to get ginger into your diet through cooking. Check out the recipe section, I’ve added a new side dish using ginger, just in time for Thanksgiving!

glazed-carrots-sl-1624462-x (1)

Does Ginger, or any other type of foods seem to help move your digestion along?

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