Moldy, Moldy!

Moldy, Moldy!

This past week, I took a mold remediation class at work from the Restoration Science Academy. I learned a lot about Mold, and just like any other aspect of life, I thought about IBS during the class. So you may be asking why I would think about IBS when learning about mold? Here’s why!

Did you know that fungi and bacteria also have a digestion system? If you’ve ever smelled mold, this is why it smells. Fungi and bacteria absorb food outside the body and this is a sign of digestion. It actually excretes stomach acid! Microbical Volatile Organic Compound, (MVOC), is the gas odor it gives off.

I have had an allergy panel test, because my seasonal allergies are out of control. The needle prick from mold swelled up like a balloon. So, I always knew that mold and mildew from leaves were not good for my allergies, but I also learned during this class that some foods have mold! Wine, beer, cheese, and even a banana that is really ripe! Not only do bananas become higher FODMAP as they ripen, but also, moldy?! I do have reactions when I drink wine and beer, and I really would love to know if the mold could be causing the reactions. Just a thought!

Beer-and-wine-glasses OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA download

For mold to grow, it has to have water, oxygen, and an organic food source. (If mold grows on your carpet, which is synthetic, it is really growing on the dirt in the carpet. It can grow on wood floors, because wood was once alive.)

Something else I learned in this class is that we have E-coli in our behind that helps us digest food, especially foods such as celery, asparagus, string beans. I wondered if maybe IBS Sisters have less of this makeup?

Strange, I know! But you know how it goes, IBS is always on my mind, so it fits into my life scenarios often!

Consumer Fact!Β Tilex says it kills mildew in your shower. While in fact Tilex will kill mildew, so they aren’t lying, there is no mildew in your shower. That is mold you see. Mildew has to grow on plants. So unless you have eucalyptus plants hanging from your shower head, there is no mildew in your shower! False advertising? Kind of!

Also, bleach does NOT kill mold. It just dyes the color of mold. You have to have a biocide to kill the mold, or remove it.

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