Meatless Monday… Juice Style!

Meatless Monday… Juice Style!

I hope all of you IBS Sisters had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend! Mine was full of family, and FULL of food! Speaking of which, I had pregnancy rumors going around Facebook, which all of us Sister’s had to defend one time or another! My hubby was just soothing my IBS FOOD BABY, okay?! LOL! Here’s the post:

First Thanksgiving as a married couple! So thankful for my marriage, family, friends, food, shelter, BELLA, & so much more!

First Thanksgiving as the Godley's! So thankful for my marriage, family, friends, food, shelter, BELLA, & so much more!Charlene, Frank, Summer and 72 others like this.
  • Brittnie P.S I saw the pic before I read and I saw his hand and was like REALLY. LOL. Oppps. Y’all look AMAZING
  • Charlene That’s too funny. I wondered the same but didn’t ask:-)
  • Stéphanie I wondered the same too
  • Lauren I did too
  • Shayla Lol my husband goes “Shayla I think your friend is prego” lol beautiful boo 
  • Marla Lol me too!

I had to share that with my Sister’s, I thought ya’ll would get a kick out of that! If you’re anything like this Sister, you went off of your gluten free, dairy free, low-FODMAP diet, just tad (a lot). But hey, that’s what the Holidays are for, right?! Eh, not exactly. I certainly lived it up, gobbling all the way to the pumpkin pie, but I sure do regret it now! Or should I say my stomach hates me for it. I didn’t eat the mac and cheese, we used almond milk in our pumpkin pie, but I sure had some stuffing and a buttered roll! But let’s be honest, I haven’t seen my abs since July 4th anyways. So, I decided that after this Turkey Day binge, it’s time to do something about it! 

Today is day one of my three day juice cleanse! There is a lot of information out there as to if it really works or not, but I decided to give it a try. I had a hard time finding low-FODMAP juices from Trader Joe’s (They are cheaper here than at “Juice Stores”, only $4.99 a pop vs. $8.00). If you are an avid juicer, you may also want to invest in a personal juicer. I have also seen Groupon’s for juice cleanses, maybe you can score some on this Cyber Monday!


Before I started my cleanse, I did a little research. Leading up to the cleanse, you should start eating healthy days before. No alcohol, red meat, processed foods, etc. The night before, you can take a natural laxative. I have read these juice cleanses can rid your body of years of built up toxins! That’s the only thing keeping me going. That and seeing my abdominals again!

Consume no less than 4 juices per day, you can have 6 or more. I went with 4 because they are expensive, and because it’s all I can do to get 4 of them down! These aren’t the tastiest things in the world, but the yellow juice from Trader Joe’s is actually delicious! If you want to spend more and go to a juice bar, you can pick out what you want in your juice so you’re guaranteed to love them! For my cleanse, I went with a yellow in the morning, green for lunch, red for snack, and green for dinner. I went with two greens because I have read they are the healthiest for you. So if I was going to do this thing, I was going to do it right, taste buds aside!

I started the morning with warm lemon water. You should start your day like this every day, juicing or not! I need to get better about doing that. It aids in digestion, cleanses your system, balances pH levels, clears skin, energizes and enhances your mood, promotes healing, freshens breath, hydrates your lymph system, and aids in weight loss. OKAY, I’m convinced! I’m setting an alarm in my phone to tell me to drink lemon water EVERY morning!



If you can, use spring water for your lemon water, and water that you drink throughout the day. I found a 28 pack of Deer Park Spring Water at Wal-Mart for $3.99. It’s important to drink lots of water! I’m finding it hard to do so, but I keep trying to chug along ;). You are also able to have tea during the cleanse, that keeps it a little more interesting. Make sure it’s NOT CAFFEINATED. I went with chamomile and peppermint today.

I’ve used the bathroom three times today, which never happens to this IBS-C Sister, so that’s a plus! I have peed about 100 times! So make sure during your cleanse, you are able to have access to a restroom. Your body is going to be cleaning out all of those toxins.

Exercise. Do it moderately. Remember, use this cleanse as a time for spiritual healing and meditation as well. Yoga is a great exercise to do during your cleanse. Also, a light jog or brisk walk. Don’t do anything too extraneous, you aren’t consuming enough calories for all that, Sister!

I had to take a little cat nap after work, I did feel a little fatigue and my head was beating a little. This is all normal, and they say after day two your energy should actually improve. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow!

Me, trying to get my 4th juice down for day 1 of my 3 day cleanse!
Me, and my dinner. Attempting to get my 4th juice down for day 1 of my 3 day cleanse!

Lastly, I’m not starving! I’m ALWAYS hungry, but I was able to make my husband pork carnitas with queso and guacamole without even licking the utensils!

I’d have to say the first day of the juice cleanse has been successful! It has taken a lot of will power, and why am I craving almonds and raisins of all things?! I guess you can’t beat sweet and salty 🙂

Stay tuned for day 2 of my cleanse tomorrow!

Have you ever juiced before?! Did it help your IBS?

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