Juice cleanse: Day 2!

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Juice cleanse: Day 2!

Hey Sisters! Sorry I’m so late posting, it’s been a CRAZY day! Set aside from the no eating thing haha! So, I’m going to be short and sweet because not much went on today during the cleanse, except I really wanted food! It was weird, it wasn’t a hunger pang, but more like my taste buds missed food. I ended up having to drink two yellow juices today because if I had to drink one more green juice for dinner I think I would have given up! That means tomorrow will suck, 3 green, bleh! I’m still going strong, and haven’tp gotten light headed or headaches like I was concerned about (Usually, if I don’t eat every 3 hours I get headaches). I’ve noticed (& my husband noticed today lol) that my usual flatulence after meals has subsided, & I’m starting to see my obliques! I wish juice tasted like waffles, dang it! I didn’t find time to workout today, I wrapped Christmas presents and did laundry instead, boo! I am definitely going to try to do some kind of exercise tomorrow, hopefully yoga. I have to be around chicken wings at work pretty much all day tomorrow so that’ll be fun. Not! I am packing a cooler with my juices, so wish me luck! I seriously don’t see how people do this for WEEKS! Kudos to anyone who does, my taste buds are tingling! Goodnight Sisters! I will post day 3 tomorrow! Xoxo

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