Juice cleanse: Day 2!
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Cleanse Conclusion

1. I will buy only yellow juices next time.

2. I really didn’t miss food, only the taste!

3. My stomach bloat went down A LOT!

4. My stomach bloat has stayed down. I have only ate bananas, raisins, almonds, salmon, broth, and maybe a glass of champagne πŸ˜‰ (I had to celebrate, right?!) since. It’s best to slowly reintroduce your digestive systemΒ to solid food. Won’t be eating any red meat for awhile! And definitely no processed foods. Hopefully ever again if I can help it!

5. I will probably juice again, YELLOW JUICE ONLY!

6. I feel better than I have in months!!!!!!!! Energy levels are top notch. I don’t feel so sluggish from bloating!

7. I hope you enjoyed my cleanse chronicles! Stay tuned to the blog for more exciting IBS news!

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