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Sister’s Stocking Stuffers!

Sister’s Stocking Stuffers!

It’s almost the 12 days of Christmas! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here šŸ™‚ If you’re anything like me, you sometimes have a hard time thinking of some things you want for Christmas. I’ve put together an IBS Sister Stocking Stuffer list! If you have a loved one that has IBS, this would be great ideas for them as well!


1. Poo-Pourii, the before-you-go toilet spray. Because girls don’t poop!


Spray this before you go, and the scent will keep your IBS odors at bay! Poo-pourii uses essential oils so you never smell the poo, no chemical cover up! They even have Holiday scents and gift sets! An IBS Sister purse essential!


2. Spry Gum, Xylitol Chewing Gum.

Sugar-free gum can really wreak havoc on your IBS, and the artificial sweeteners can even cause a flare up! I missed chewing gum so much, I was so happy to find this gum! Make sure you are chewing with your mouth close, so you aren’t letting in too much air if you suffer from bloating.


3. Probiotics.

I’ve been using probiotics but I haven’t seen a difference yet, but some IBS Sisters swear by it! This is a nice stocking stuffer for sure!


4. Essential Oils, are very relaxing! These make really good stocking stuffers, Lavender is my favorite!


5. Tea, is always a great thing to have in the house! This stress free tea will have you woo-sa’ing all the way to Grandma’s house this Holiday season!


6. Heating pad, whether it’s for your shoulders or stomach, this will help relieve pain or stress! Any brand will do šŸ™‚


7. Gluten-free, Dairy-free, IBS Friendly snacks & candy! Because we always need IBS friendly snacks on hand.


7. SANTA, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS FOR MY IBS TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t that be the best stocking stuffer EVER?!


What did you ask from Santa this year?

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