2015 January

IBS Sister “PIZZA”!

If you’re like me Sister, you miss eating pizza about as much as any other food. That’s why I wanted to share with you this recipe that I stumbled upon! It tastes the closest to pizza I’ve had since I cut the real stuff out of my life.

I started with these gluten free wraps that I got from Aldi grocery store, & they only have 110 calories each! I then added chicken breast lunch meat (I’ve also used chicken strips which was really good) and avocado and pepper.


I sautéed some spinach and baby Bella mushrooms in coconut oil, and folded the wrap in half.

I then used my panini griller to cook the wrap!



I cut the wrap with my Pampered Chef panini spatula & knife.


I took one bite & it was delicious! But it needed something else. So I decided to open up a jar of marinara sauce & warm it & put it on top. And it was perfecto!! The closet thing to pizza I’ve had in a long time 🙂 enjoy!!!


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