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Dandelions: Not just a weed!

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Dandelions: Not just a weed!

I discovered dandelion tea recently when googling around how to reduce water retention naturally, and found this miracle root does even more than that! It’s also a herbal detox, not just a weed!

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Dandelion has been used to treat digestive disorders, such as inflammation, by Chinese medical practitioners. It has also been used in other cultures to avoid indigestion, heartburn, to cure cramps and PMS, to keep energy levels high, and to stay free of stomach aches and constipation.

Replace your cup of coffee with dandelion tea, which can give you a grounded type of energy, without the side effects of caffeine.


Dandelion leaf is a natural diuretic that increases urine production by promoting the excretion of salts and water from the kidney, which can be a detox to help cleanse your liver and kidneys.


This tea has a bitter taste, so I would suggest adding a squeeze of lemon and Stevia, or almond milk and Stevia.


Enjoy, and let us Sisters know if Dandelion root tea works for you!


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