Stand Tall!

Stand Tall!

In a few posts back, I mentioned that I signed up for monthly massages. I had a deep tissue massage this past weekend, and it was amazing! I have a lot of tension in my lower back and neck due to my scoliosis, so hopefully these massages I’m getting regularly really will help! I have friends that swear by adjustments from chiropractors, so that’s something I will consider in the future as well!

I also read another “spine for thought” article over the weekend about posture. Did you know that by standing straight and tall, you can drastically reduce the stress hormone, cortisol? I remember when I first visited the doctor to discuss my IBS symptoms when I didn’t even know what IBS was, and my cortisol was through the roof! There is definitely a correlation between IBS flare ups and stress. Cortisol also wreaks havoc on your mid-section and causes belly fat! Check out these quick “pick me up” steps for standing tall that I got from the Real Simple magazine; Health, the Guide.


1. Place your feet hip-width apart. Angle your toes out 7 to 10 degrees, but once in a while place your feet parallel. Bend your knees slightly.Β All four corners of your feet should be in contact with the ground evenly.

2. Pull in your lower belly, engage your core!

3. Keep your shoulders back and down. Keep your head over your torso, and line up your ears with your shoulders.


This posture picks you up because it boosts your confidence! Sisters often need this extra confidence because we often feel sluggish and uncomfortable, so we may carry ourselves with a slouch, because we feel slouchy! Boosting your confidence while blasting your cortisol levels is key! People around you will take notice, too! Improving your posture is a free, sure fire way to feel better, today!


Stand tall Sister! They’d love to see you fall. <3Β 

My friend at work shared this with me today, and it was such a coincidence because I wrote this blog last night. People are taking notice! If you work a job where you sit all day, don’t!

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