2015 February

Weekend Reminders

#IBS Sister #SnowCream ❄️

Hi Sisters! I hope you all had a great day! I had so much fun today, playing in the snow with my hubby! Both of our works…

Monday Inspiration

Just what I needed to see on this rainy Monday, so I wanted to share it with my Sisters just in case some of you need to…

Carrot Fries!

Good evening Sisters! Some good guesses on Twitter for the Sweet Potato Fry look a likes, but can you believe they’re carrots?! All you have to do…

#BlueberryJuice for #IBS

Hi Sisters! I hope you all had a great VALENTINE’S Day weekend 🙂 Hopefully all the chocolate temptations didn’t hurt your stomach TOO bad. And if they…

Is your IBS telling you something?

Besides my IBS telling me it hates my guts (literally), I feel like it’s telling me that I don’t handle stress very well. No matter how strict…

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