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Is your IBS telling you something?

Is your IBS telling you something?

Besides my IBS telling me it hates my guts (literally), I feel like it’s telling me that I don’t handle stress very well. No matter how strict I am on the IBS diet, my body hasn’t been normal for quite some time.


I have a new job, lots of family stuff going on, and my stomach is just the pits! It’s actually the worse it’s ever been, and nothing gives. Since my previous post, I have bought all of the vitamins and supplements to try to get rid of the hormone imbalance, but nothing has worked yet. Honestly, everything just keeps getting worse, so I guess my body really is telling me something. I hate going to the doctor because I spend so much money and nothing works, but I am going to break down tomorrow and make an appointment. It was a rainy Monday here, and it sure was appropriate for the way I’m feeling!

                               Bloat Baby

I hope all my IBS Sisters are feeling better than me, that’s for sure! If you are, please share any tips and tricks!



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