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Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration

0d3f53d6-fefd-422a-91d1-587fc727fbaa-largeJust what I needed to see on this rainy Monday, so I wanted to share it with my Sisters just in case some of you need to see this, too. It came right after a text I got from my Mom yesterday. “Challenges always seem so bad, but she had a dream or a thought that things that seem so unfair of difficult will make sense in the end.” This was a quote she heard on the OWN, speaking to Amy Purdy, a double amputee actress, snowboarder. My Mom went on to tell me that God will not give me more than I can bear. It’s always good to have someone to pick you up when you are down! I encourage you to have someone that you can vent to about your IBS! It makes it so much more bearable, to know you are not alone. And you will never be alone now that you are an IBS SISTER! I hope all my Sisters have a wonderful week. They’re calling for more snow here in North Carolina! XOXO

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