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#IBS Sister #SnowCream ❄️

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#IBS Sister #SnowCream ❄️

Hi Sisters! I hope you all had a great day! I had so much fun today, playing in the snow with my hubby! Both of our works were cancelled due to inclement weather. The power was out everywhere, so we frolicked and played, the Eskimo way, walking in a Winter Wonderland!

So, for North Carolina, 6-8 inches is a lot of snow. I know some of my Boston Sisters may laugh at this! But that’s why we took full advantage of the snow-like traditions! We started our Snow Day off with this little guy, who I named Olaf. He is my favorite character from the movie Frozen! 

I think it’s also really cute how Elsa had a warrant out for her arrest across the country. I saw on the news that the Police have her in custody and Spring should be here soon, lol! 

Another thing my husband and I did on our Snow Day, was make IBS SISTER FRIENDLY SNOW CREAM! You heard it right! Usually,  when a Sister hears the word cream in any dish, we run far away. But this dairy free, gluten free Snow Cream, is just what the Snowman ordered 🙂

You start out with a bowl of snow. Get clean snow of course! We got this snow off the top of the bushes. I gathered enough for a couple of servings. 

I then portioned the snow out into smaller bowls (fill a regular cereal bowl about 2/3 full). I then added a packet of Stevia. You can add two if you like it extra sweet!

Next, I added one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. 

Lastly, I added one cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Sweetened almond milk would be EXTRA yummy too, for an added treat :)

Mix it all together, and you’ve got yourself some IBS SISTER friendly Snow Cream that the whole family will love! Also, lower calories and sugar! Enjoy!!!


Hers is topped with chocolate & strawberries! yum!

What is your favorite snow day tradtion?

Xoxo, IBS Sister

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