What’s been in my “coffee” cup lately?

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What’s been in my “coffee” cup lately?

In North Carolina, the tempature hit about 75 degrees F today, and well, it was a LOT warmer than it has been. As you know, I steer clear from coffee & caffeinated beverages, to my dismay. But, I do drink a LOT of hot, decaffeinated tea. With this tempature change though, hot is not the best option for me, especially when blow drying my hair in the mornings! You know how that goes. So, I have started iced tea! I make the hot tea as usual for steeping purposes, and then add ice for a chiling effect. Today, I made passion tea.

I’m pretty sure this is the tea they serve at Starbucks, but I made mine extra Hawaiian with coconut milk! & a lot cheaper. It’s really delish. 

What you’ll need: 

One tea bag of Passion Tazo Tea 

Add a splash of coconut milk, for the extra Hawaiian tase

One packet of Stevia for a sweeter tea. Truvia is a good brand. I also like SkinnyGirl brand Stevia. 

Lastly, add ice!

WAH-LA! You get a refreshing, de-caffeinated, nearly no calorie beverage!

Sip it in the AM, and imagine you’re in the islands! I promise this one won’t disappoint. Cheers!

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