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#Meatless #Monday’s! #Taco Style

#Meatless #Monday’s! #Taco Style

Hi ladies! I hope you all had a great Monday! I went meatless today, so I wanted to share my recipe that I threw together for dinner. Hubby is out of town for work, so it was a lot easier to not have to make two seperate entrees! (Miss Ya Hubs ;)) My Meatless Monday Tacos are eggplant, spinach, pineapple, quiona, & verde salsa, on a corn tortilla! 

I started cooking the eggplant and spinach in a tablespoon of coconut oil, as I always do. 

I then heated up some quiona that I had made a few days ago. I mixed the veggies and quiona, and added some fresh, sliced pineapple, & this was the “meat” to the taco. 

I put a little more coconut oil in the pan for the corn tortillas to hear those up. I filled the taco shells with the “meat, and topped them with verde salsa. 

& WA-LA! You’ve got yourself some yummy, veggies tacos with A LOT of flavor! 

& remember, giving your digestion a break from digesting meat once a week can be beneficial to your digestion, not to mention your carbon footprint. Enjoy!

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