#Margarita #CincoDeDrinko #IBSSisters #IBS

#Margarita #CincoDeDrinko #IBSSisters #IBS

Happy Cinco de Drinko! LOL. This is what we called Cinco de Mayo in college, my pre-IBS days! πŸ™

I am not indulging today since I’m on a little alcohol detox… but if you do get to have aΒ Marg today, check out this recipe!Β 


Skinny Margarita

For an IBS Sister, if you are craving a margarita, you would be better off making it yourself than getting one at a restaurant. And, it’s cheaper that way! The margarita pictured above is made with water, fresh squeezed lime & lemon, a splash of OJ, one packet of Skinny Girl Stevia, and of course, a shot of tequila. It’s also really good to add banana to a batch with ice to make these frozen! I call this the β€œSkinny Margarita” because it contains less calories than a restaurant margarita, which can contain up to 750 calories. That’s more than your meal! But I drink this mostly because I don’t risk of consuming all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup that could wreak havoc on my digestive system, or my waistline! Enjoy!

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