Meatless Monday’s, Cinco de Mayo Inspired: Tofu Lettuce Tacos!

Meatless Monday’s, Cinco de Mayo Inspired: Tofu Lettuce Tacos!

Hi Sisters! I hope everyone had a fab Monday! I’ve had better days, but I’ve also had worse! I wanted to share with you my dinner, and I couldn’t decide to post it for Meatless Monday’s or Cinco de Mayo, considering it’s Mexican food inspired… But I figured it would be best to share with you now so you can have a little inspiration for tomorrow’s celebration! I’m taking a break from any alcohol for a while for my guts sake, so no margarita for me tomorrow… but I am going to participate by having some lime water and fish tacos! Be sure to look through the blog for all kinds of tacos that I love to make! 

So these lettuce wrap tacos are made with romaine hearts lettuce. Make sure you wash them well before using. Tear the leaf from the base of the plant, and it makes a cup, or “shell”. I then added some previously cooked rice in the lettuce. I used 1/4 of a cup for three tacos. I would have used more, but I had a few snacks before coming home because grocery shopping had me out late! And if your an IBS Sister like me, you may know, you can’t go more than three hours without eating! I also had made the tofu this morning because I also had it for lunch. I did the usual, pan fried the tofu in a tablespoon of coconut oil. I added some low sodium taco seasoning. (It’s probably better to make your own… I usually do and will post the recipe for that soon!) I diced up the tofu, cooked it, and ate half of the package for lunch, and am using the other half for these tacos! Lastly, I added some fresh salsa. It’s a little hard to find low-FODMAP salsa because salsas usually contain onions, so hopefully this won’t bother me too bad! They ARE gluten & dairy free 🙂 And that’s all, folks! It’s super easy, and yummy, too! 


Sorry I don’t have the pictures from cooking the tofu and brown rice, I did that way early this morning. And it was a Monday. So, you get it 🙂 But I do have one last tip! If you notice in the first picture, there is no “meat” toward the bottom of the lettuce leaf. And that’s why you use it for a crunchy “chip”! Not only are the taco “shells” low carb, but the “chips” are even FATLESS! 😉 

 I hope you enjoyed your Monday, Sister, and I hope you have a fun filled Cinco de Mayo!!! You can celebrate knowing this dish only cost you about 280 calories! 

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