Doctor Appointment: This post is WAY overdue

Doctor Appointment: This post is WAY overdue

Hi IBS Sisters! It’s been way too long, but I’m just now getting to tell you about my gastroenterology appointment. I’ve contacted my internet service, and it has something to do with this old warehouse building we live in, but the internet STINKS! Then I tried on my iPhone, and my video was too long. So then I got busy, but here I am! 🙂

So I had my second gastro appointment here in Durham, NC at Duke. I had one last year, and that’s when I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy, and my Dr. didn’t believe in IBS. He pretty much just told me I had severe IBS-C and to just take some Miralax with my coffee every morning (which I’m really not supposed to drink). I’ve blogged about this in the past, but he literally didn’t think IBS had to do anything with food, etc.

At least this new Dr. had heard of the FODMAP diet, and believed that it truly worked, and seemed to be more educated about IBS. I did get two new prescription medicines, and I was talking to one of our readers that day Stephanie, and I’m so glad that my post reached out to her that day, and I told my Dr. the same thing that she said… I feel like IBS is taking over my life! The Dr. seemed to not understand, and he said why? He was very rude about, my husband had to hold me back! lol, No, but really, he was very blunt, and I didn’t like it. I told him that my stomach was the center of my body, and it always hurt, and I’m always bloated, and it’s miserable. I have to think about it ALL the time! I explained how I was robbed of all the good things in life, meaning I couldn’t eat certain things, I couldn’t reap the benefits of exercise because my body is so distended, and he said, “Well, why don’t you just eat those things if you feel bad regardless?” I went on to tell him that if I did eat cheese, or milk, it was even WORSE. So yes, I don’t do certain things to pretty much feel tolerable.

I was very impressed though because of all the doctor’s I’ve been to, he was actually the first one that’s actually touched my stomach to feel the distention and feel around to hear what was going on in there. I do suffer from the hardest IBS symptom to treat, and that is bloating. This bloated feeling makes me tired all the time, and very lethargic, and is uncomfortable, as you can imagine, and most of you probably understand first hand.

The Dr. did prescribe to me a prescription IBS-C medicine called Linzess.


I took Linzess for about 3 weeks, until last Friday, I stopped taking it because it gave me very bad stomach cramps, diarrhea, and dizziness. I do believe that it helped a little bit with the constipation aspect, but not with the bloating. He also gave me a low dose relaxation medicine to take before bed to relax my muscles in hope that my stomach will relax and not bloat up through the night.

I had taken Amtiza before, but it made me nauseas the second day I was taking it. I would definitely say Linzess was better for me, but it didn’t work well enough for me to keep feeling the way it made me feel. Keep in mind, I am VERY sensitive to everything.

Come to find out, everyone with IBS is more sensitive to something. The Dr. said that in an experiment, a balloon was put in the rear of someone who had IBS, and one person who did not. They expanded the balloon, and the person with IBS could not tolerate the balloon being blown up as the person without IBS could. That may be a reason why I feel SOOOO bloated. But when clothes don’t fit, then it’s pretty obvious, too 🙂

I go back to the Gastro doctor in the beginning of June, so we’ll see how that goes. Right now, I’m still blown up like a puffer fish! I have an endocrinologist appointment to figure out this hormonal balance or whatever it may be.. I have been doing some more research on hypothyroidism and I’m thinking that’s a possible culprit to some of my problems. I looked at some old lab work and my thyroid was consistently low, it runs in my family, and the Dr. didn’t even bring it up to me! It makes such a difference to get a wonderful Dr. I’m still trying to find one 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures of the oh so wonderful, IBS SISTER!


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  • Steff says:

    I hate when doctors don’t take me seriously! My GI tends to just dismiss my symptoms as a “flare up.” He did put me on Amitiza which helped at first but then stopped working. Just recently I switched to Linzess and it does seem to work better. I have gotten the diarrhea side effect when I am really anxious and stressed out, but I am hoping it is only temporary. I sympathize with your situation and hope you get some answers soon!

    • ibssisters says:

      I didn’t think about the side effects being triggered by stress or anxiety! Wow, our bodies are really in tune to what’s going on, always!!! Thank you so much, good luck to you, too! Xoxo

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