#IBS-C #Miralax #Dulcolax #Dycyclomine

#IBS-C #Miralax #Dulcolax #Dycyclomine

Hi Sisters! I wanted to give you ladies an update on my last Dr. Appt and how that went, hoping that some of the things that worked for me, work for you! I went to the gastroenterologist for another appointment after Linzess was a no go, and I actually made some progress this time! My cousin and best friend, Hannah, had talked to someone at her work that had medicine for stomach spasms that were intended to relax her gut. I’m taking those about three times per day, typically after meals.  Also, the Doctor brought up how I had taken a whole bottle of Miralax and had a successful colonoscopy prep, so why don’t I try that? He instructed me to take two servings of Miralax in the morning, followed by Ducalox if I was feeling extremely uncomfortable, and two servings at night. It has actually helped!!! I layed off of the Ducalox after a few days because that made my bowel movements uncomfortable, but the Miralax in larger doses is actually helping a lot!  

 I made sure that I could take as much of these two products as needed, and he insured me that I could without any side effects! I will keep you posted on the progress, but so far, this is working really well for my IBS-C! Xoxo

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  • Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  • Hi! I just found your blog. I’ve had celiac for 3 years and then they diagnosed IBS. I’ve been sick for 5 years and after going gluten free I’m still always sick.
    Just a few weeks ago I finally heard of the low FODMAP diet, and it’s another hard adjustment. I don’t usually comment on sites but I just recently found a great medication for this! I’ve tried it all, Phillips, Metamucil, miralax, any natural remedy, you name it. I’ve been taking Linzess for 2 years and actually love it, it takes care of part of the problem but not enough. The last 3 weeks I’ve been taking citrucel! It’s amazing. I was told that Metamucil and miralax are fermentable, which goes against the low FODMAP idea. It works really great without the bloating and all the other not fun side effects. I just take the 2 pills before breakfast and I’m shocked.
    Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!

    • ibssisters says:

      That’s fabulous!!! I’m so glad to hear that you found something that works for you after all of these years! I’m going to give it a try!!! I hope you enjoyed reading the rest of the blog!

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