#Infused #H20: Beat the #Heat this #Summer!

#Infused #H20: Beat the #Heat this #Summer!

Hi Sisters! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Monday is back in full force, and it’s HOT out there today! Here in North Carolina, the high is 99 degrees, and the heat index is over 100 degrees! Are you thirsty yet? It’s hard to just breathe out there. Definitely praying for all of those that have to work outside!

My favorite way to stay hydrated is infused water, also known as detox water. I started loving it on our honeymoon in Antigua, where they would have pretty dispensers of infused water right by the bar. It’s a lot easier to get water down this way, and you also get the added health benefits of fruit and herbs! It helps with weight loss by filling you up with 0 calories, flushes toxins from your system, naturally reduces fat cells, and so much more!

I fill a gallon pitcher first with the ingredients I’m going to infuse the water with, so then it doesn’t overflow. For this infused water concoction, I made Strawberry/Mint/Cucumber, and oh my, is it delicious!

unnamedI used one cucumber, half of a packet of mint leaves, and one container of fresh strawberries with the tops cut off and then cut the strawberries in half. Be sure to wash your fruits and herbs first! I then fill the pitcher with water, and place in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I have this delicious, infused water!

It’s fun to try different things, such as blueberry/orange, lemon/lime, strawberry/lemon, strawberry/orange/mint, strawberry/kiwi, orange/lemon/ginger, the list goes on and on!

Stay hydrated this summer with infused water, and stayย lean andย healthy! What is your favorite infused water concoction?

xoxo, IBS Sisters

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