2015 September

National Coffee Day

Today is National Coffee Day here in the U.S.! Did you know that the darker the coffee beans, the less caffeine it contains? (Contrary to popular belief)… If you’re an IBS Sister that’s gotta have her coffee before, well, anything… The dark roast is the way to go! The less caffeine the better for an IBS Sister cup of joe! Too much caffeine can cause spasms in your stomach and make your IBS worse. So, if you’ve gotta have it, especially on a National Holiday when it’s free at some places like Krispy Kreme…enjoy responsibly! Moderation is key, in all aspects of life 🙂 


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#Destress to help your #IBS!


Pumpkin Oatmeal Almond Butter Chia Cookies

A few weeks ago, Starbucks launched the Pumpkin Spice Lattebl for the year. It’s like the unofficial start to Fall! With fall just a few days away,…

#FODMAP YES! & NO! Pocket List

If having IBS wasn’t already stressful enough, IBS Sisters have to stress about what to eat & what not to eat up to six times a day…

Welp! Another one bites the dust. #CashewMilk is a NO GO! #EliminationDieting #lowFODMAPdiet

Cashew Milk. It was delicious, but I’m paying for this hi-FODMAP option right now ? sticking to the Almond & Coconut Milk. They now have a mixed…

Orangelicious! #IBS #lowFODMAP 

Thanks to eatthis.com, I have a new favorite afternoon snack, Oranges! They have been proven to lower stress, something I could use at work towards the end…

What was in my shopping cart this week?

I’ve posted before that I splurge on a massage once a month. They are wonderful  for relaxation & overall well being. I got paired up with a…

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