What was in my shopping cart this week?

What was in my shopping cart this week?

I’ve posted before that I splurge on a massage once a month. They are wonderful  for relaxation & overall well being. I got paired up with a great therapist this time who knew a lot about essential oils and reflexology. She recommended peppermint oil to me, rubbing it on the soles of my feet, to aid in digestion. She also mentioned getting a carrier oil. So with just three to four drops of peppermint oil and two parts almond oil, you not only have a digestive oil, it smells great, too! You can rub this anywhere on your body for relaxation. There’s also some digestive points in your hands so make sure you rub it there together before running it on your feet!  

I also am giving probiotics another try. This is my second month purchasing them, and I really think I’m starting to see a difference! They’re usually pretty expensive so I usually gave up after one month because I didn’t see results, but I hear it can take up to four months for them to work, so we’ll see how this goes!

Is there anything helpful in your shopping cart this week? If so, please share! Xoxo, IBS Sister

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