#FODMAP YES! & NO! Pocket List

#FODMAP YES! & NO! Pocket List

If having IBS wasn’t already stressful enough, IBS Sisters have to stress about what to eat & what not to eat up to six times a day (that’s if you’re remembering it’s better to eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals), something else to think & stress about! 

I’ve found that having a handy list of YES! & NO! foods in my purse, it’s helped me not stress as much when it comes to low-FODMAP eating. Some of the lists out there can be extensive, with foods I would never eat or want to eat. So when making my list, I only wrote down options that appealed to me. I made it on a small yellow sheet, front & back, so it would be small & easy to find in my suitcase of a purse. I always have my purse with me while shopping & eating out, so it’s super handy!


 There are still a few things on the YES! list that I’m skeptical about, such as the hard cheeses. And…before you make fun of me…yes, I wrote “Sweet Tater” 🙂 it’s a North Cackalacky thang! 😉

I hope this helps you stay on low-FODMAP track like it has for me!


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