Happy New Year, Sisters!

Happy New Year, Sisters!

Happy New Year, Sisters!

Happy New Year! Wishing you all an IBS FREE 2016! We could only wish! But for some extra good luck, try these New Year foods that are sure to bring luck your way!

Black eyed peas- lucky! Just make sure to take your Beano before 🙂

Greens- collards, cabbage, spinach, kale… All green! Show me the Money!

Ham- Eat pork today! Symbol of prosperity.

Cornbread- Gold!

Here is a little tip for your IBS friendly cornbread!

For this recipe, I substituted flour with gluten free all purpose flour, coconut oil for oil, coconut sugar for sugar, and light canned coconut milk for milk. It turned out awesome! If I do say so myself 😉

Happy New Years to all my Sisters! Wishing you a happy & healthy 2016!


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