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Talk It Out

Talk It Out

Talk It Out

Hello Sisters! Happy hump day and Happy Love Month! I sure hope you’re having a great week. IBS symptom free, one can hope!


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog about my hormone imbalance, and I wanted to briefly revisit the topic. If you remember, I have been in a really dark place because of the imbalance, and since my post, I have had bio identical hormone therapy, I have been prescribed medicine to raise estrogen levels, and it isn’t working, yet. The hormone therapy was BHRT, which people rave about, and my body did not react like a normal person would. Please be very careful if you ever consider using these. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me at My doctor seems to think that something traumatic happened to my body, and caused my pituitary gland to basically go on strike, and not produce sex hormones. I’m thinking Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, here’s a good blog post to learn more about it: My Journey With Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. He’s hoping all of this treatment is going to wake it back up, and I’m hopeful, too.


The main reason I’m telling you all of this, is that going through any silent, chronic illnesses can be emotionally and psychically exhausting. It can be very depressing to go through all of the side effects of any health issue, and mine all started with IBS. I wish I had done this when I only had IBS, and now that I have a hormone imbalance, PCOS, and IBS, I have decided to seek counseling.


Sometimes we try to stay strong, and this can backfire! If you are depressed from your IBS, or Crohn’s disease, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, MS, whatever it may be, go talk to someone! I promise you, you will feel so much better. I have low sex hormones that cause depression, and the physical side effects are depressing; adding that to IBS, and without any clear answers of when it will get better, I had become depressed. My husband made a really good point this week, by saying that, “You eat healthy, and you exercise, and take care of your body, it’s time you take care of your mental health!”

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This brings me to my big news for IBS Sisters! I have decided to become a certified Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach (Official title under construction)! So when you need to talk to someone about your chronic illness, need a little inspiration, need help with your diet, your fitness routine, or just need to talk, I can be that person! If you think you are clinically depressed and need psychiatric help, I definitely encourage that! But for all other issues, I’ll be there! I begin classes in March, and I’m so excited to go on this journey with my IBS Sisters! It will take about a year to become certified, but I will update you on my journey through the process 🙂 I can’t wait to share this experience with you, and serve the community that I feel so strongly about!




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