Keep Calm And Call Your Best Friend

Keep Calm And Call Your Best Friend

Keep Calm And Call Your Best Friend


Well at least until I’m a Coach.. LOL, jk! In all seriousness, my Best Friend called me tonight, and it was like a God send. I had a REALLY bad day, really just emotionally, and it’s like she knew that hearing her voice and talking through life with her was just what the Doctor ordered!


Life can get so hectic and we can forget the simple things like taking a minute to call our bestie! In an age of texting, SnapChat, email, it’s so easy to just neglect the simple phone call, but sometimes, a phone call is just what you need! Hannah and I took a vow to make sure we call/FaceTime each other more. For my vow, I am about to send her a calendar invite to have a scheduled meeting for us to talk EVERY week! If we can schedule our work, exercise, Dr. Appointments, we can DEFINITELY pencil in our best friends πŸ™‚ After all, it may just be what the Doctor ordered!


My Bestie, who also happens to be my cousin, okay, more like SISTER! I love ALL of my SISTERS!



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