My First Week on Armour Thyroid (Prescription Hypothyroid Medication)

My First Week on Armour Thyroid (Prescription Hypothyroid Medication)

My First Week on Armour Thyroid (Prescription Hypothyroid Medication)

Hi Sisters! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I seemed to catch a cold over the weekend and I’m a little groggy, but despite the cold, I’m not all frowns! Why not, you ask? Even with my head cold, I have more energy than I did eight days ago, head cold free, and prior to starting my Armour Thyroid medication. If you read my Connecting The Dots blog post, you know that last Monday, I was [officially] diagnosed with hypothyroidism.


I started taking Armour Thyroid on Monday afternoon. By Thursday afternoon, I felt like my chronic fatigue started to lift. By Friday, the brain fog started to lift as well, and I felt like my real self for the first time in a really long time. It’s hard to explain, but everything just felt clear! I told my husband that it all very well could be a placebo effect, until I noticed that my nails were no longer brittle (they are twice as thick now, at least!), and I seemed to have new hair growth in places where I previously was visibly losing my hair.


Sunday morning, I made my husband and I breakfast, and usually, shortly after making breakfast, I have to lay back down in the recliner and take a nap because such simple tasks exhaust me. Yesterday, head cold and all, I felt like I could go do things! Normal people things! I had the energy to go run errands, and even had more mental clarity doing simple tasks, such as driving (scary, but true! lol), and normal conversation. Today, I’m working, and usually I would be hitting predictable crashes throughout the day, but that’s not happening today! I would say it’s been a very successful first week!


Me before Armour Thyroid
                 Me after Armour Thyroid.                      Well, not quite. Soon, we hope! 🙂

Side Note: I do find it rather strange that a day or two after taking the medication, my lymph nodes (beside my thyroid) were swollen, and noticeably so when out in the cold air. Then my cold started intensely on Friday night, but who knows, it’s probably just a coincidence. Also, I started spotting yesterday when I wasn’t supposed to start my period for over a week. I have read that hypothyroidism can make your menstrual cycle irregular, so this made sense to me. Could it be that hypothyroidism was what made me stop having periods in the first place, that then led to the PCOS?


I would go as far as to say that it may have helped with my water retention as well, but I haven’t tracked it to say for sure. And in addition, I took a “hypothyroidism water weight cleanse” last week: [Mix 16 oz. of pedialyte (I used the clear unflavored kind) with 48 oz. of water. Drink two consecutive days, every week.] I didn’t see a significant difference in my water weight whether it be from the medicine or from the cleanse, but I did see a small difference, so that’s that! I weighed myself today (something I usually try to stay away from these days :)), so I’ll keep you posted on the timeline if or when any weight comes off. I have read that everyone is different in regards to when their body will respond to this medicine, but I just wanted to share with you my first hand experience, so you can be hopeful just like I am if you are dealing with a misdiagnosis! I’d love to tell you that my IBS was cured, but that’s definitely not the case 🙁 Maybe someday 😉 I feel blessed to feel just a little bitter! I hope and pray that you can, too!



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