Wellth by Jason Wachob- IBS Sister’s Favorite Reads

Wellth by Jason Wachob- IBS Sister’s Favorite Reads

Wellth by Jason Wachob- IBS Sister’s Favorite Reads

WELLTH- How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume by Jason Wachob


Last week, I mentioned that I was able to finish two books in five days with Audible! Wellth was one of these books, and it was by far my favorite! You know what that means; this book makes it to the IBS Sister’s Hall of Fame, also known as IBS Sister’s Favorite Reads! Here’s a previous post that explains what it’s like to be #Wellthy instead of wealthy: Women’s Health Well-thy Awards. Jason Wachob, the founder of Mind Body Green, uses his own life experiences to explain how he learned to build a life, not a resume.


In the book Wellth, Jason explains how to make healthier life choices, and putting a deposit into your #WELLTH account, versus what a lot of people deem as most valuable, which is deposits in their WEALTH aka BANK account. I believe that the word #WELLTH will soon be a “household [word] name!”


I literally finished this book in twenty four hours, and recommend it to any and everyone. From nutrition, meditation, yoga, relationships, exercise, career to life experiences, Jason touches on it all. IBS Sister brownie point; he mentions IBS in the first few chapters! Jason swears by yoga, which is an IBS Sister must [Yoga for Digestion], as well as meditation and mindfulness [Meditation vs. Mindfulness]. From Columbia graduate with Wall Street dreams to entrepreneur, Jason lays out what it’s really like to live a life of wellness. This book is truly relatable to everyone, especially me and maybe you, so check it out!

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“Many of us aren’t satisfied with just trying to accumulate the most money and toys. The good life is no longer just about the material—instead, it can be found in a lifestyle that is devoted to mental, physical, and emotional health. A wellthy existence is one in which happiness is attainable, health is paramount, and daily living is about abundance. It’s a life in which work is purposeful; friendships are deep and plentiful; and there’s a daily sense of richness or overflowing joy. But since there’s no one-size-fits all definition for a wellthy existence, I hope this book will serve as a guide to help you embark on your own personal journey that is both unique and meaningful.”

Eat. Move. Work. Believe. Explore. Breathe. Connect. Love. Heal. Thank. Ground. Live. Laugh.

Enjoy Sisters! Have a read (or a listen) and let us know what you think about #WELLTH in the comments!


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