April is IBS Awareness Month

April is IBS Awareness Month

April is IBS Awareness Month

April is IBS Awareness Month!

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April showers bring May flowers, and awareness to IBS! IBS Awareness Month is very important considering IBS is an Invisible Chronic Illness, and there is no one cure or one rhyme or reason for developing this debilitating syndrome! Considering it’s an “invisible illness”, people can for the most part carry on their so called “normal” day to day life, and no one else will really notice that they’re sick. It’s embarrassing to go around talking about poop, gas, bloating, the list goes on, so most people don’t tell others they have IBS. It’s not a disease, so some people my think it’s all in their head. Little do others know, we live under our heating pads, suffer from chronic gas pains, do not feel comfortable when we’re not near a bathroom, have tried every prescription medicine, vitamin, tea, and remedy under the sun, exhausting our time and money. That we suffer from such severe bloating that we often can’t fit in our clothes, and when we do, we are uncomfortable all day long. That we have other chronic illnesses that caused our IBS, and brings about chronic fatigue syndrome, and we’re mentally and psychically exhausted. That we have to deal with certain doctor’s that dismiss our symptoms. That we don’t have the luxury of being able to eat whatever we want, we have to think of every single thing that we put into our mouths. That we can’t overindulge sometimes without paying for it. That we have to deprive ourselves from certain foods that we love. That we have to cook separate dinners than our loved ones, and plan out every meal to keep from flaring up. That we get anxiety about traveling because we never know when an IBS attack is going to hit. That we cry sometimes because we are so fed up from all of the above.




So, here’s to IBS Awareness! Let’s make a pact to make every month IBS awareness month! I know that I will continue to make this syndrome as aware to others as possible, for it changed my life dramatically! Some people don’t even know they have IBS, so let’s make sure that we are being as loud as possible to bring awareness and continue providing support to all!

Stay tuned for more IBS Awareness posts in April!

XOXO, IBS Sister

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  • JB says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing your story to make others like me not feel so alone. Too many people don’t understand the daily battle, how difficult it is just to get to work on time. I appreciate how well you summed IBS up!

    • IBS Sister says:

      JB, Thank you! That is so very true!!! Just pulling yourself out of bed when your stomach is weighing you down in so many ways! I appreciate you for being a Fighter!!!

  • Win says:

    Thankyou so much for this, I dont feel alone!. When I tell people I got IBS they haven’t got the faintest idea what it is. When I flare up I look 9 months pregnant and my jean buttons have to be undone. The pain is excruciating and yes everything you mentioned Ive tried and experienced!! Countless visits to the docs where I ended up mentioning IBS as they hadnt a clue or didnt seem interested enough that I flare up. Raising awareness is something that is needed as this is a lifelong condition and needs to be recognised. Thanks again!!!

    • IBS Sister says:

      Win, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this, too!!! It really is such a life altering syndrome, and so complex at that! I feel your pain, literally, and figuratively looking 9 months preggo! Elastic waisted pants are pretty much the only safe bet these days! Like you, I agree that this is something that needs to be addressed and we have to do something! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and make sure to sign up for the blog so you can get more inspiration like this in your inbox! I’m also on Twitter @ibssister & Instagram @ibs_sisters Praying that one day, we’ll all feel better! Xoxo, IBS Sister

    • IBS Sister says:

      Sorry Win, Twitter is @ibssisters ❤️

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