IBS Scavenger Hunt for IBS Awareness Month

IBS Scavenger Hunt for IBS Awareness Month

IBS Scavenger Hunt for IBS Awareness Month

Hi Sisters! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a GREAT weekend so far! What are you all doing today? I’m having a Birthday party tonight! My Birthday is on Monday but my husband and I are going on VACAY, WOO! So we are having a small gathering this evening to celebrate with family and friends! I wish you all could be there 🙂 My Mom even had me a vegan cake and cupcakes made, and I found some Breyer’s vanilla bean lactose free ice cream at the grocery store! SCORE! Who says you can’t be an IBS Sister and enjoy some dessert on your bday? 🙂

The little Vegan Cake for me! This is from my Birthday last year. My Mom is an IBS Sister too, so she totally gets me ;-)

Being an IBS Sister, I’m always studying and reading about IBS. I’m also always looking for mentions of IBS in “non-IBS” things! This post is proof that people ARE becoming more aware about IBS! I thought this would be a great time to highlight the different things I’ve seen that make me believe that IBS is becoming more “mainstream”, considering it’s IBS Awareness Month! Here’s what I found on my IBS Scavenger Hunt!

The Hunt Is On

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1. The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale- The Digestive System

My cousin let me have a look at this book and of course I flipped straight to digestive system, and IBS is mentioned!




2. Women’s Health magazine

I love this magazine and subscribe to it! This little tidbit shares that counseling can help IBS Symptoms IBS Sisters- Talk it Out, that stress and mood disorders are directly linked to IBS IBS Sisters Twelve Ways to Reduce Stress, and also mentions dietary limitations like dairy and dried fruits, and even eliminating triggers!



3. REAL SIMPLE Magazine

This is another magazine that I subscribe to. I was happy to see the mention of IBS in their April edition!



4. I’ve seen this ad in many of magazines! Has anyone ever tried this and does it work?!


5. Five Below- Poop Mug

I found this beautify at the Five Below, everything at this store is under $5! I enjoyed seeing this because I think that people should feel more comfortable talking about poop, and I also think it’s great to bring a little humor to our every day miserable symptoms! I mean, how could you not smile or laugh seeing this every morning?


6. Sephure Suppository Applicator celebrates IBS Awareness Month


A Look Into the Lives of Those Living with IBS– Featuring yours truly, IBS Sister! And two other IBS Sisters!

Sephure Celebrates IBS Awareness Month– Global Restroom Access Card

“April is IBS Awareness month and the Sephure team has connected with three women who live with the disorder to get real life depictions of what it’s like to live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These women shared their experiences, good and bad, in hopes of bringing more awareness to the disorder. Each has each turned their diagnosis into a positive by cultivating hope and support through their own online communities, projects and books. Through these outlets they have created more awareness about IBS while cultivating compassion for those suffering from chronic illness.”

7. Jo’s Clothes is bringing awareness to IBS


The link below is an article Jo wrote last summer about my IBS story, and I just saw it this week! She has posts about other IBS Sisters, so be sure to check out her page Jos Clothes! Bonus: Get great fashion advice! She is a fashion blogger speaking up on all things IBS!

Living with IBS- Alison’s Story

Foods you swear by and foods you swerve?
Swear by: Bananas, salmon and other fish, grilled chicken, chicken broth, low-FODMAP vegetables and fruit, flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut milk, coconut oil, almond milk, gluten free/dairy free waffles, turkey bacon and sausage, corn tortillas.

Swerve: cheese, milk, gluten (try to!), chocolate, caffeine, butter, mangoes, apples, pasta, soda, ice cream, biscuits, doughnuts.

8. The Founder of Mind Body Green, Jason Wachob, drops IBS in his new book Wellth! Check it out here!

Wellth by Jason Wachob- IBS Sister Reads


So there you have it! This is my April IBS Scavenger hunt! 8 mentions isn’t too bad, but I think, actually, I KNOW, that we can do better! I hope this DOUBLES next year! 🙂

What have you seen IBS related this month?


IBS Sister

P.S. Just for smiles, here is my niece on April 1st on her 3rd Birthday! My little April Fools Baby!


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