Tips on how to get back on IBS Track after Vacation, & Navigate an All-Inclusive Resort as an IBS Sister

Tips on how to get back on IBS Track after Vacation, & Navigate an All-Inclusive Resort as an IBS Sister

Tips on how to get back on IBS Track after Vacation, & Navigate an All-Inclusive Resort as an IBS Sister

Hi Sisters! Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a beautiful, relaxing day. If you follow me on Instagram (ibs_sisters) or on Twitter (ibssisters), you probably know that I just got back from vacay! My husband and I went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and we had an absolute blast! My Birthday was on Monday and our 2 year Wedding Anniversary was on Tuesday, so we had lots to celebrate 🙂 With a celebration comes celebratory drinks and desserts, as does any Holiday! In addition, we stayed at an all inclusive resort, so you know everything was more than abundant!

Del Mar beach

Being an IBS Sister, I tried my best to stay on track, but sometimes it was just a little [WAY] too tempting! As my husband always says, you have GOT to LIVE A LITTLE! When in Rome, right? At home, I’m usually stressed out [GAD probz], with just the normal day to day stressors of life, and about anything I eat that isn’t H20 sends my stomach into a rumble. I’ve found that cruises stress me out and bloat me up, so we stay away from those now. Anyways, I figured if I was going to “cheat” on my IBS diet, vacation was the time to do it! When I was RELAXED! You can say I took a vacation vacation, and a little vacation from my IBS diet 🙂 Honestly, my stomach did okay! I was SHOCKED! It wasn’t until Thursday night when I ate some authentic Dominican food (it must have been a little red meat) that my stomach took me for a ride, and hurt until about Saturday night. But hey, at least it was just on my last day and I only had a miserable plane ride and recovery day, and not a miserable vacation! 🙂


Day in and day out, us IBS Sister’s worry about what we’re going to eat, and how it will effect us. It was so nice not to think so hard about this for five days! I think it was good for my SANITY! I tried my best to stay away from my biggest offenders like fried foods, milk, cheese, etc. BUT I did share a mini Birthday cake with my hubby that the resort surprised me with [It would have been rude to turn it down, right?! :)], and I didn’t worry about what was in it! I even had fruity cocktails, champagne, pancakes and a hi-FODMAP slice of mango!



My stomach did me good until about Thursday night, so I don’t really regret it! Except now that I’m home and am bloated and it will take my body a little bit of time to bounce back [Hypothyroid probz], haha! But hey, you only live once, right? None of us are perfect, and I don’t personally know anyone who can stick to their IBS diet 365 days a year. And if you do, YOU GO GIRL! Teach us your ways!!!! 😀


I’ve blogged about something similar before in regards to getting Back on Track after the holidays & about Juice Cleansing. Today, I’m going to share a little bit of how I plan to get back on track after vacation, and how to best live your life as an IBS Sister at an all-inclusive resort without being in pain on vacation!


So yesterday I started to eat 100% “IBS Clean” again. I went to Trader Joe’s with my husband and we got tons of healthy food for the week! I had egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, and then salad and chicken broth for dinner [While hubby had the pizza buffet, JEALY!]  I made the Anti-Inflammatory Cure All Drink and had a glass of aloe vera juice before bed, and that was all for yesterday. I also did a high intensity boot camp yesterday for 30 minutes, which was really hard considering I was SO tired! We didn’t get home until 12:30 AM Saturday morning! If you want me to tell you how to do this work out, or want me to post an instructional video, just let me know!

Anti-Inflammatory Cure All Drink

Today, I started a juice cleanse. I had one juice for breakfast, a juice  for lunch, and then a smoothie for dinner. I went with the smoothie for dinner because after looking at the ingredients in the juices, I decided it would be better for my body to have some protein, and not just sugar and carbs [Juices have a ton of both], since I ran a 5K today and did some HIT workouts. My Mom always says that juices take out all the good stuff like the fiber! That’s why she prefers smoothies. The juices do have hi-FODMAP apples, but the juices are so far so good on my stomach. It wasn’t until the smoothie that my stomach started acting up. I’m doing the cleanse to give my digestive system a break and not have to process food, but it must be the protein that it’s having a hard time processing right now. In my smoothie, I just had vegan protein powder, a few strawberries, raspberries, almond milk, chia seeds, spinach, and half of a banana. I read recently that some Hypothyroid Sisters can’t eat strawberries, so it could be that. I’m inquiring if they are bad for all Hypothyroid Sisters since I’m new to the hypothyroid community! Now that I saw my stomach acting up after the smoothie, I may just stick to the juices tomorrow, we’ll see. Not sure if it’s a sign saying “don’t work me yet” or the strawberries!

IMG_2286 (1)

I drank some coconut water today [Drinking alcohol and flying in a plane is dehydrating & Coconut Water hydrates you better than H20!], and will have some more Cure All drink before bed. I also plan to make this drink Self Healing Concoction from a fellow Sister that I saw yesterday, and will leave out the garlic and honey for low-FODMAP purposes. I need to be drinking hot lemon water… I bought the lemons, but why is it always so hard for me to make something so simple?! Haha! Anyways, I plan on doing this liquid diet for 3 days. Fellow IBS Sister Vicky Anne Grant [Twitter: @missvagrant] sent me a link to making bone broth which she said does help IBS symptoms, so if I can find time to make some of this, I’ll be doing that as well. She uses this recipe Bone Broth Recipe, but leaves out the hi-FODMAP leeks and onions. Thanks, Vicky! I also am taking my Plexus which includes probiotics (I took this during vacation along with all of my other daily vitamins/medicine), bought some Fish Oil yesterday, and ordered some L-Glutamine that should arrive tomorrow. Along with all my other daily vitamins! 😀 My vitamin tray is overflowing, the struggle can be real sometimes!

Me with my Aqua!

So how can an IBS Sister navigate an all-inclusive vacation without being in pain?

  1. Relax. If your gut is relaxed, you are going to have less IBS symptoms. The science proves it! So don’t get uptight during travel, try to take deep breathes and take in all of the beauty that you travelled so far to see! Meditate!! What better time to meditate and soak it all in while on vacation? I prayed and meditated every morning, thanking God for blessing me with the ability to go on vacation, see another year, be married to my husband for another year, and be in this amazing place! Gratitude is good for the soul, and your IBS, woo!
  2. Exercise. I work out 6 days a week at MINIMUM. So honestly on vacation, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym. But, walking on a beautiful beach sure doesn’t feel like exercise! I also played paddle ball everyday, jumping up and down in the pool, which gave me a great leg/arm workout! Also, we were lucky enough to have a swim out pool from our room! Tough life, right?! So I took a long swim one day, which is the best exercise there is! You don’t have to go to the gym or run to exercise on vacation. In the morning if my stomach felt a little off, exercising immediately made it feel better. Something I didn’t do and wish I would have is yoga. There were even yoga mats at the resort, but my husband doesn’t like yoga, and I was trying to spend as much time with him as possible! I WILL be back on the yoga train this week 🙂
    Look what you can discover when            you walk off the beaten path!


  3. Pick Your Poison. I had Birthday cake the first night, but that was the only dessert I had the whole trip. With unlimited danishes, muffins, truffles, gelato, flan, cake, the list goes on, at every meal it can be tempting to indulge. But instead, I decided to spend my potential IBS offender [& calories :)] on fruity cocktails because after all, I was in the islands! Kind of like going to Italy and not eating pizza!
    Mango- high-FODMAP fruits at                              breakfast


  4. Eat in moderation. Overindulging can give anyone a stomach ache. Eating too much can send an IBS Sister into a flare up. Get one plate & wait 15 minutes to see if you’re still hungry. If you are, your body needs it so go back and get more! Just because it’s all you can eat and other people are going back multiple trips, doesn’t mean that you have to! Same goes for booze! Tip: Fill half of your plate with salad and/or fruit when you can, and only pick one item per meal that may be an IBS offender. Drink a water for every alcoholic beverage you have so you don’t get dehydrated. Try your hardest to stay 100% away from your #1 offenders! Go for a walk after every meal.
    Just because he was taking advantage of late night 24 hour room service IN BED, didn’t mean that I had to, LOL!!!
  5. Come prepared. Something that I usually don’t have time to do [aka don’t make time to do, it takes two minutes tops] at home is reflexology. I’ve posted about the Peppermint Oil Reflexology before, and I really think it helped me be regular on the trip! I did it every single day. My husband even gave me a foot massage & it helped with gas pains! I also made sure to bring some protein bars that I know didn’t hurt my stomach just in case I needed to shy away from the resort food, and to have on the plane and in the airport. I also made sure to bring my peppermint tea, Miralax just in case, as well as Pepto-Bismol. I did use the Pepto tabs a few time, eek! One thing I wish I would have prepared better: Brush up on my Espanol [Spanish]! I took many years of Spanish and was able to communicate some, but wish I would have had a refresher before going to a Spanish speaking country, to be able to talk to these amazing peeps even more than we did!
    A few of our new native                      friends!

6. Take your time. Take your time getting back to work after vacation. As an IBS, PCOS, Hypothyroid, GAD Sister, if I had to go back to work immediately after this vacation I would be in BAD shape. It exhausts me just thinking about it! Have you ever heard the phrase I need a vacation from my vacation? Yeah. So we made sure that we had all day Saturday and Sunday to recuperate from lack of sleep, going off of our normal diet, foreign foods, to do laundry, run errands, and get back into the swing of things before Monday. I also suggest if you go to an all-inclusive resort, I think 5 days is all an IBS Sister can handle! Like I said, if I had a full day on Friday at the resort, I would have been miserable. And who wants to pay [cash money that is] for that?!

My reading hammock, the swim out                               pool!

WOW! What an amazing trip. Like my husband just said to me, I can’t believe the 9 days of vacation from work are over! I hope this helps you with a few ideas on how to recover from your next vacation, and also how to navigate an all-inclusive resort! We sure had a great time, but I sure am glad to be HOME SWEET HOME 🙂 I tweeted out yesterday: I love to travel, but there’s something wonderful about being at your own house with your own toilet… AND AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH! 🙂 Now for my husband, he’s ready to go back tomorrow 🙂

My husband and I on the night of our two year wedding anniversary! I wore Spanx undies for the first time to hold that bloat in this dress! LOL!

It’s worth noting that everyone’s IBS is different. Heck, even my IBS is different day to day! I don’t have to worry about diarrhea on a plane ride, but I have to pee 10 times because of the bloating pressure on my stomach. That’s one thing IBS Sisters have in common. Give me that aisle seat, please & thank you! Some Sisters have no problem when on vacation if they go off their IBS diet, and some can’t stray away at all if they go when they’re having a flare up. This is just what worked for me [until Thursday night that is!], and won’t work for everybody! I recently had this convo with fellow IBS Sister Rachel [Instagram: noodlebrownie] and we are just amazed how there is not rhyme or reason to IBS. The only one I can see is stress! We also can’t believe how everyone’s triggers are different, as well as symptoms and tolerance levels. When you throw in all our other chronic illnesses (which I believe cause IBS in the first place), then I think that every single IBS case is different! Good luck and safe travels!




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