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Sushi Saturday’s turned Sushi Sunday’s!

Sushi Saturday’s turned Sushi Sunday’s!

Sushi Saturday’s turned Sushi Sunday’s!

Hi Sisters! Happy Sunday!! Happy MAY! There is something refreshing and liberating to me to start a brand new month with a clean slated calendar! Even though I use my cell phone for reminders, I also keep a planner that I can write in. I get satisfaction of writing down tasks, and physically crossing them out! And also being able to look back on fun events that I have done throughout the year πŸ™‚ This year, I am using a Bando Agenda! Get yours here πŸ™‚ Bando Collection- Agendas

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Β One fun event that made the calendar was last night’s date night (it even got a Bando Date Night sticker!) was Homemade Sushi Night!

date night

Right beside our gym, there is an Asian market and we’ve been talking about making Sushi at home forever! Yesterday, we decided to finally do it! I bought IBS friendly ingredients, and then ingredients for his Sushi (like spicy mayo, if I look at that stuff my IBS flares into a rage!), but we spent in total about $82.00. It seemed like a lot at first, but it was really just buying all the essentials one time that we can use again, and just buy more “fillers”. In addition, we were able to get two full Sushi meals out of it! Sushi Saturday Night turned into Sushi Sunday Night dinner! That’s already getting our money’s worth compared to going to a Sushi restaurant, AND we have ingredients for many Sushi meals to come! This would be such a fun activity to do with your SO, friends, family, kids, any and every one! This meal is also very easy to make IBS friendly: gluten free, dairy free, and low-fodmap! AND DELICIOUS! It’s really easy to customize everyone’s roll by food preferences.

What you need:

Sushi Bamboo Rolling Mat

Plastic Wrap

Bowl of water

Sushi Seaweed Papers (Nori)

Sushi Rice

Rice Vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar (I used coconut sugar)

2 teaspoons of salt (I used sea salt)


Raw Salmon

Crab Sticks

Ginger (Optional. But DO IT! Great for your digestion. Also, ginger is to be used between each roll to clear the pallet. It’s not made to go on your sushi).

Soy sauce (Optional)

Oyster sauce (Optional)

Seaweed Salad (Optional)

Avocado (Optional, if your IBS can tolerate it, it’s a great topper and/or filler)

Sesame Oil or Sesame Seeds (Optional. I used the oil because they were out of seeds)

Chopsticks (Optional)

Sake (Optional)

step 1

Step 1, I made the Sushi Rice. I made this first and a little early so it would have time to cool down to room temperature. I used the directions on the back of the bag, along with this website to make the perfect Sushi Rice!Β How to Make Perfect Sushi Rice

step 2

Step 2 was melting the rice vinegar, salt, and sugar on medium heat in a saucepan. I then poured it in the Sushi Rice and mixed it thoroughly. Further instructions in the link above.

step 3

Step 3, Chopsticks in the Sushi Chef’s hair! πŸ™‚ Optional, obvi. πŸ˜‰


Step 4, Sake!


Step 5, we wrapped the bamboo mat in plastic wrap so the sushi wouldn’t stick to the mat. I set the seaweed paper on top of the mat, and then began to mash the rice down, leaving about two inches from the edge. Tip: Don’t use too much rice, less is more πŸ™‚ Wet hands between each rice handling so it doesn’t stick. I then layed the fillers on the edge and began to roll. I sliced the cucumbers thin and long, as well as the salmon, and bought pre-cut crab sticks. Here is a great video on the whole process:Β How to Make Sushi Rolls- All RecipesΒ Tip: To have your rice on the outside, flip the nori sheet over carefully after pressing the rice. Then add fillers, and roll πŸ™‚


Step 5 was a loaded step, lol, but here’s “Step 6”. Placed your rolls on a cutting board and make sure it’s a flat, sturdy surface. It’s also very important to have a very sharp knife! The tighter the roll, the easier this process is! I was better at it the 2nd time around πŸ™‚


TA-DA!!! SUSHI!!!!


Last night I put seaweed on top of my rolls. These things were so big (I used too much rice) I was only able to eat half of each roll!


Here was my presentation tonight. I’m getting better at rolling already! I think I have found my new favorite meal to make πŸ™‚ As I mentioned, I still have some ingredients left over that I won’t have to buy next sushi meal. The first set of ingredients allowed me to make two meals for two people. Next time, all I will have to purchase is the fillers! Cucumber,Β salmon, crab sticks, or maybe tuna! (They were out of tuna yesterday).

Enjoy, Sisters! Sushi is such a light and healthy dish for the warmer weather! And you’re SURE to have fun making it!


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