Salt, Sea, and Sand

Salt, Sea, and Sand

Salt, Sea, and Sand

Hi Sisters! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! My weekend was filled with amazing nature views! One of the best things about living in North Carolina, is the easy access to the beach and the mountains. I’d have to say I’m more of a beach girl! I was able to go with my girlfriend to the beach this weekend, and the sights were absolutely beautiful! For example, just look at this sunset from Friday night! I was able to watch the sun go down with the ocean breeze on my face, as I rocked back in forth on the porch.   IMG_3560 IMG_3561

The next morning, I did beach yoga! This was SO much fun! Check out this link for a few poses that are good for an IBS Sister: Yoga for Digestion, Namaste! It was so amazing to be able to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness on the beach.IMG_3549

In my 27 years, I’ve never liked sand. Until yesterday. I used to hate everything about sand. The texture, the way it sticks to everything, and the way it’s just SAND! Yesterday, I laid on my yoga mat, and was really present. I stretched from the tips of my fingers all the way down to my toes. As I stretched I was practicing mindfulness, and as I touched the sand between my fingers, it was an amazing feeling that I can’t even describe the feeling that came over me! I enjoyed rubbing the damp sand between my fingers and toes. I started playing in the sand like a little kid. After all of these years, I like sand! Why am I telling you all of this? I believe that when we truly are aware and mindful of the present moment, we can even enjoy the annoying, uncomfortable parts of life. IMG_3594

I even brought my lavender oil to relax, and Peppermint and Carrier Oil to Aid in Digestion! It was a really “zinned out” morning.IMG_3595

I topped off my relaxing morning with a walk, where I tried to save this jellyfish!


I learned a lot about myself and about life this weekend. I learned that every situation is a learning experience for us to grow. I relearned something that I already knew; that relaxation is key to a better IBS Sister life.


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