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Happy Saturday, Sisters! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I am having a great weekend, my Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle are in town, and we are at my parents house having a relaxing, wonderful time! I’m being tempted right now by brownies, HOMEMADE peach ice cream, I already caved for a little Key Lime pie earlier and paid for it all afternoon, so I am DONE, LOL! But, it is so much fun to be with family, and being able to relax. Something that I’m not good at, as you well know 🙂

Here’s a pic of my 92 year old Grandmother and I today! We are celebrating my Aunt’s Birthday, my Husband’s Birthday, and my Mom’s Birthday!


We have been watching Hallmark movies all afternoon long (my husband even likes them, hehe), and I’ve been working on Box Full of Spoons while watching! I wanted to share with you my new love, MATCHA!


I have been hearing a lot about Matcha powder, and tried my first iced Matcha coconut milk drink at Starbucks a few months back. I decided to order my own Matcha powder, and got this huge tub on Amazon! Matcha is basically powdered green tea, and it’s so good in a drink, smoothies, and I’m dying to make matcha coconut donuts 🙂 That’ll be on the blog soon, promise!


Pictured here, I steeped some water and brewed up some matcha powder tea. It tells you on the label how much you need, just a teaspoon or two. I let it cool and then added it to the ice, almond milk, and stevia, yum! I think that Matcha powder is a good alternative to other caffeine drinks that are tough on our IBS stomachs. Sometimes we just NEED caffeine, you know what I mean?!


I have been adding Matcha powder to my smoothies in the mornings, and it has been pretty good on my stomach, and has given me a little energy boost!

Have you tried Matcha powder? Share your recipes with me if you have, looking forward to seeing them! 🙂


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