A Lesson in Medicine

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A Lesson in Medicine

A Lesson in Medicine

Hi Sisters! WOW! What a week it’s been! Well, the past 9 days really. 9 days ago, I ran out of one of my many prescriptions. I never thought to check to make sure I had refills on the medicine because my doctor did not set my appointment until September to come in to make sure the medicine was doing it’s job. Well, it turned out to be a rookie mistake on my part! My doctor forgot to put refills on the script. I go to get my prescription refilled, and they notify me it has no refills, and they’ll try contacting my doctor and get her to send a refill. I decided not to wait for the script, and soon after get a call from Walgreens that they can’t get ahold of my doctor, so I decided to give her a call to see if I could get in touch with her… she was on vacation.


At first, considering this medicine wasn’t one of my thyroid medications, but rather a small dose of anxiety medicine to attempt in relieving my IBS symptoms, I thought I would be just fine until she got back from vacation this past Monday. Boy, was I wrong! All last week, it was all I could do to even hold my eyes open. It was almost immediate. I usually can drag myself out of bed to go to the gym with my husband before work, but not last week! I was a walking zombie. I accidentally bought a new conditioner instead of the shampoo that I needed, and have been conditioning and conditioning instead of shampoo and conditioning for the few days. YIKES! ZzzZZzz!

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Fast forward to this week, on Monday, and my sweet husband picked up two of my scripts that were ready, including this medicine. That evening, I decided to take the medicine that I had been missing all week to get it in my system as soon as possible, and that was rookie mistake number two! I literally was up all night. I felt like instead of a small anxiety pill, I had taken something to keep me wide awake! I really feel for people for insomnia because it is NO FUN! I immediately looked at the side effects of this medicine first thing the next morning, and in bold print, insomnia is a common side effect. I had insomnia again last night, where in this case, I eventually finally got to sleep, but woke up in the middle of the night several times, and could not get back to sleep.


LESSON LEARNED: Check to make sure that your medicine has refills! The chances of my doctor being out on vacation at the same time I needed a refill are slim, but it happened, and I can’t get those 9 days of my life back!

Another LESSON LEARNED this week while I was walking around like a zombie, is how much easier my life is when I sort my vitamins out on Sunday for the whole week. I take so many prescriptions and vitamins, and having to take those pills and vitamins out one by one every other day is absurd! I have been doing this though, because I’ve just been “too tired” and “too busy” to take care of it all at once. This week, I decided to ditch the huge pill catch-all basket and plastic bottles, and sort out my vitamins. That five minutes has made my morning routine SO much easier and better. TOTAL SPOON SAVER!

FullSizeRender 80
My Pill Clutch, as seen on Box Full of Spoons

This is the current pill organizer that I’m using, and it holds A TON of vitamins and pills! And it’s cute 🙂

I’ve also been extremely bloated and in pain with IBS mixed in with that time of the month. So, I’m going to leave you with this hump day humor 🙂





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