IBS Sister Friendly Matcha Latte

IBS Sister Friendly Matcha Latte

IBS Sister Friendly Matcha Latte

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this recipe with you to enjoy this weekend πŸ™‚ Now that it’s getting cooler outside, a warm latte is a GREAT way to start the morning! I know what you’re thinking, lattes have a ton of milk, sugar, and calories. Not the IBS Sister Friendly Matcha Latte! I’ve been getting matcha lattes at Starbucks lately with soy milk. I got a little annoyed whenΒ they were $4.19 & for a tall! Come to find out, Starbucks charges extra for soy & coconut milk. Well, I didn’t think coconut milk would work that well in a latte, and soy milk isn’t good for someone with hormone problems like me, so I decided to buy my own latte foamer! See the recipe below how I made my own matcha latte at home! P.S. It was super fun πŸ™‚


I bought this Milk Frother from Amazon for about $17.50, with free shipping with Prime. All I had to do was add two AA batteries & I was ready to latte!


Of course, I had to edit it to ALMOND MILK Pro, HA!


I used a mug & added 1 tsp. of Matcha powder (I also got this off of Amazon for a great price!)

Also add 2 tsp sugar (optional, I did not add sugar, but it could definitely use some πŸ™‚ Try coconut sugar, yum!)

I added 3 tbsp of warm water, and used this small whisk to make a paste (A spoon will do, I just had this one from a Christmas Hot Chocolate Kit, Ha! Thanks Mom!)

I then warmed up 1 1/4 cups of almond milk in the microwave (I was being lazy & didn’t want to heat it on the stove)


I poured the warm milk in the mug with the paste.


I then got to frothin’! Check out the boomerang video on Instagram! @ibs_sisters

It was so much fun to use this frother, lol! They have instructions on how to use it, but it’s like 45 seconds, start at the bottom & work your way up. If you noticed, I had to switch to a larger mug because the first mug was too shallow & my kitchen was starting to wear matcha latte.


I then sprinkled the matcha latte with some matcha powder, and WAHLA! YUM!

Some IBS Sisters have been asking me about caffeine. I’ve noticed that if I’ve got to do it, green tea/matcha powder is the best option for my IBS personally. You just have to try what works for you! I know that coffee DOES NOT work for me, unfortunately πŸ™ But these are good too, PROMISE! Next, I’m going to experiment with an IBS Sister Friendly PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte!)

Cozy up with a latte this weekend! It’s supposed to be really hot tomorrow where I live, so I will just have to make one really early before I go outside πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend, IBS Sisters!


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