My name is Ally and my life changed when I was diagnosed with IBS-C four years ago. Since then, I have been diagnosed with multiple other chronic illnesses and syndromes. I am a 27 year old IBS Sister, and just a normal girl looking for ways to live a normal life with these debilitating syndromes!

i-BNjps6g-X2_FotorI mostly suffer from chronic constipation, bloating and distention, and I am someone who has tried everything! I feel like I should have a PhD in IBS research. Don’t you feel like you know more than your Doctors sometimes? I am nutrition certified, and want to help other people who have to deal with similar symptoms that I have.

I am happily married, and I am thankful for the support my husband gives me day in and day out. As much as I appreciate his support, I thought it would be nice to have a place to come and talk with other women going through the same thing as I am.

The purpose of IBS Sisters is to shed light on ideas of how to live a normal life with IBS. I will post inspiration, recipes, fashion tutorials, flare-up advice, diets, and much, much more! I hope that my site will reach and be life-changing for at least one other IBS Sister.

Throughout my journey of this blog and meeting other IBS Sisters over the past year and a half, I have decided pursue a career in Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coaching. Follow my journey to certification and becoming a Coach in 2017! I will need your help to become certified, so stay tuned!


IBS Sister

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