Summer 2016 Magazine Clippings from IBS Sister!

Summer 2016 Magazine Clippings from IBS Sister!

Hi Sisters! Happy Sunday!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! I am not feeling very well today, but I think it’s just because I’m tired and having more than a few hormone issues! My stomach has been doing okay, but it’s been better! I hope you are having a healthy Sunday, and feel GOOD!

I wanted to share with you some of the magazine clippings I’ve saved over the summer that have to do with IBS, stress, fatigue, digestion, and more! Enjoy! For starters, I was so excited to see low-FODMAP swaps in the September issue of Women’s Health Magazine! The other articles were taken from FIRST magazine.FullSizeRender 96










IBS Sister

Happy Memorial Day! #PeppermintCapsules #IBS #IBSsisters #RealSimple

I hope all of my Sisters are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! I’m so fortunate to live in the home of the free, & remember those…

Rooibos Tea, Caffeine Free!

Here’s what I’m loving right now! Rooibos tea! Rooibos tea originated in Africa, and is also called red bush tea. It’s an herbal tea that comes from…

Sunday’s are for Relaxing

Brunch is my favorite meal of the week. Don’t forget to IBS Sister-ize your brunch, i.e. Substitute egg whites for eggs, ask about gluten free toast, and…

#Starbuck’s #Teavana #Teas #KonaPop #MintMajesty

What do you do when someone wants to do a “coffee date” at Starbucks, and you are trying to be good to your IBS and stay caffeine…

What’s been in my “coffee” cup lately?

In North Carolina, the tempature hit about 75 degrees F today, and well, it was a LOT warmer than it has been. As you know, I steer…

Ginger… The Red-Headed…QUEEN!

Ginger has been known for it’s healing properties for many centuries, and it has been proven as an effective way to deal with constipation. This funky, finger…

Cup of Joe? NO!

Understanding that every Sister’s trigger is different, coffee is a BIG no no for me. Caffeine is an IBS trigger, and mix the acid of coffee in…

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